How It Works

At the beginning of each week, we send out an email letting you know what is being harvested by our farmers for the current week’s Farmbox.  You then can go into your account and customize your Farmbox with up to 5 substitutions, per Farmbox. You then can add Artisanal items, and other grocery items we offer to come with your Farmbox delivery.  The cut off is Tuesday at 12 PM EST to skip or cancel an order for the following week. The cut off Ito make substitutions to your order is Thursday at 10 AM EST. We then deliver your Farmbox to your door in environmentally friendly packaging! Please be sure to recycle your boxes and packing material.

We use FedEx for our delivery needs and provide all customers with tracking information. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes. We use insulation that is biodegradable and ice packs to keep your box at the perfect temperature and ensure safe delivery.

Delivery Schedule
We deliver on different days to different zip codes.  Please input your zip code to find out your delivery day. Once the box leaves us it is in the hands of FedEx.  Your credit card will be charged on Thursday at 10 AM EST. We have a cut off because we must tell our Farmers what we need to order for each delivery. Don’t worry, if you miss this week’s order deadline, you can still create an account and sign up for delivery for the following week’s harvest!  
*Please note: Delivery delay can be at the hands of Mother Nature due to weather, or traffic delays, once the order leaves us it is in the hands of FedEx. All damage reports must be made to within 24 hours of receiving your order and pictures may be requested*